Sunday, 11 September 2011

Ahhh, summer, it's our favourite day of the year

There is no denying it, the short, cold summer is officially over and most of the garden is beginning to turn brown.

However, there is still a bit of colour in Harbill's garden, mainly created by certain flowering stalwarts such as our beautiful Aster:

The Scabius is still going strong and is perhaps our longest serving flower.

Our garden's attention seeker, the Dahlia, is looking resplendent at this time of year but it is rather lonely (we only have one). Perhaps it should stop showing off and it might make friends.

And the sweet-peas just keep 'buggering on'.

Having looked at all these flowers you might believe it is still summer, until you see what else is going on in the garden.


  1. Yes, Autumn is definitely well on the way. Good value plants for us have been the japanese anenomes and the echinops (globe thistle). Both of these started to flower mid-July and are still giving us colour.
    How many ways can you cook squash?

  2. Dearest Harbill,

    Your mother(-in-law) is currently staying with us whilst on her lecture circuit, lapping up the Australian sunshine and developing the most frightful twang. This morning she said "Streuth! You're a gardener too mate? You should check out Harbill's blog," so here I am.

    Our garden is just starting to bud up; the peas are emerging, the carrots and poking through and the roses are gathering themselves for their sprint. I'll send some photos in the in a few months to provide some mid-winter blog fodder, relief from the frosts and bare soil.


  3. G'day Hadley, thanks for your message! Glad to hear that you're converting my mother / the Sheila-in-law's frightfully plummy accent into something far more coherent.

    Photos would be brilliant, we were wondering how on earth to fill our blog over the harsh winter months and we will now look forward to seeing your pictures of upside-down carrots and peas.