Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Leeks, Shoots and Leaves

A belated happy new year to all of our Blogciples!

For the Harbills, the new year brings fresh hopes for a bountiful harvest. We are already imagining baskets brimming with luscious red tomatoes, enormous, crisp runner beans and squash the size of footballs. But let's not get too carried away, first we have to grow them and the process began yesterday with our first batch of leek seeds.

As you might expect at this time of year, the garden looks devoid of all life:

But if you look a little closer...

..you can see Primula pushing through the dead leaves.

And the crocus and daffodil shoots (planted together in two layers) are coming up:

We mentioned our broad beans before Christmas. They seem to be still growing, the leaves in tact and unaffected by frost so far, so will hopefully give us an early crop.

Unlike the garden, Muffin, who has spent most of the winter asleep, is still asleep.


  1. Glad to see you're up and running again. The garden looks lovely - just waiting for a bit of warm sunshine to burst into life, when I am sure Muffin will join in and help with the digging!!

  2. sensible Muffin, wish we could do the same!