Saturday, 12 May 2012

Born To Be Wild

Due to the adverse weather we haven't been spending much time in the garden but rest assured, our various seedlings are poised and ready to go out. The squash (7 types this year), courgettes, chilli, cucumbers, runners and dwarf beans are currently occupying all south facing window space in the house.

However, the veg plots aren't completely empty. Our potatoes have started coming up:

We think that these are our pink fir apples
And the broad beans (planted in the autumn) are flowering:

But, as per usual, the most prolific plants in our garden seem to be those that we have had nothing to do with, the wild flowers. We have never seen so many bluebells (apart from in Bluebell Wood):

The primroses and forget-me-nots, that seem to have come from nowhere, are, well... unforgettable:

We like primroses because the remind us of our favourite crisps: Skips

Most successful however, seems to be this little yellow flower that crops up everywhere, even when it is mowed over. Can anyone identify what it could be....???

On a sadder note, we are sorry to say that Muffin seems to have gone missing. We have had a very miserable week looking for her, to no avail. We like to think that she has completed her training and decided that domestic life is not for her; it was time for her to move on and try her luck in the wilds of the Midlands. Every good parent has to learn to let go...

Good luck Muffin, our door/cat flap will always be open!


  1. Glad to see your still up and running.
    Sorry to hear that Muffin has gone adventuring, I remember the heartache when my boys would go awol fo the night. I would be up at 2, 3, the morning whistling and calling - the neighbours must have loved it! Don't give up tho', they are amazing creatures.
    love & hugsxx

  2. How appropriate that you have forget-me-nots in the garden at the moment. A lovely way to remember Muffin (that is, if she really doesn't return) each year. Lots of love xxx