Monday, 3 June 2013


Much as Muffin's demise was distressing, we have recently noticed a resurgence of birdlife in the garden; we've been having regular visits from songthrushes, bluetits, goldfinches and greenfinches, to name but a few.

When Springwatch announced their garden biodiversity survey (the Bioblitz), we felt that we were the ideal participants and so this Sunday, armed with camera, binoculars, clipboard and a plethora of reference books we set up camp in the garden.

It started well with a sighting of a sparrow.

Passer domesticus

And then there were two!

Passer domesticus

Later on we set up our camera aimed to capture the greenfinches that we had seen the previous day. And lo and behold, what was this we saw?

Passer domesticus

Another sparrow.

So, we decided to focus our attention on the bird feeder. Surely this would bring some variety...

Passer domesticus

The Harbills decided not to upload their results to the Bioblitz website.


  1. Oh dear - try again another day, but don't tell the birds they are on camera!!
    Despite visiting cats, are bird life is fascinating but the most amusing are the pheasants and ducks. We have buzzards in the field at the back, but think we will lose these when we have 130 houses built behind us!

    Keep blogging,

  2. You could always borrow our pictures of the Giant Peacock Moth
    M and F

  3. Great photos - the birds in our garden don't seem to stay still long enough to be photoed.