Sunday, 17 July 2011

Harbill Blog Hacking Scandal

It has been brought to our attention that our gardening blog may have been hacked. See the title of our previous post, published six days before the Telegraph this Saturday:

We will be calling for the resignation of the Gardening Editor.

As if this news wasn't bad enough, it rained all weekend, gardening was postponed and we had to make do with Harry Potter.

Evanesco Rain!!! Ohhhh, it didn't work.

So instead, we'd like to show some photos from our blogsciples' French gardens, thanks to Barbara and to Jane & Conrad.

Barbara & Jim's wild flower garden - where is it Barbara? Billy can't remember.
Grapes = wine (yum) - from Jane & Conrad's garden near Bergerac           

Has someone cast the Avifors spell on Jane & Conrad?
Don't be surprised if you see these photographs in the papers next weekend. Harbill don't just break the news, we make the news...

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  1. We are in the Charente and the garden had a real struggle this year - firstly no rain for weeks and then loads of very heavy rain for a few days, then dull.... so we were pleased with our wild flowers.
    Barbara xx