Monday, 4 July 2011

Let it Grow, Let it Grow, Let it Grow

After a week's respite in Italy (more about this in the next blog) from the stress of running a veg garden, we returned to a veritable feast.

Last night's supper consisted of: nasturtium, broad bean and courgette risotto with lettuce and cucumber salad. Tonight's supper also consisted of a salad of lettuce, cucumber and nasturtiums. We are currently enjoying these homegrown suppers; we may not be in a month's time. Does anyone know how to preserve lettuce?

On the right is one of our three lettuce patches

We are so excited about our wild garden, which has been created to entice in the insects and general wildlife, and will therefore be devoting our next blog entry to it. Here is a taster:

Today our blog is 2 months old. Let's see how much has changed in our garden in two months...

Where's Muffin?


  1. Love the wild flower garden. I have one in France - photos on my facebook page I don't know if I can post to your blog. Any ideas?

  2. Hasn't it grown! It's all looking lovely.

    I don't know any way of preserving lettuce other than making a soup - courgette and lettuce is a good combination and you could make enough to freeze. And I've seen but not tried lettuce and pea.

    Another way to use other than as a salad is to make petit pois a la francaise - the lettuce makes an enormous difference to frozen peas.