Saturday, 3 August 2013

Noise Pollenation

This year it has been noisy in Harbill's Garden. But luckily, this is not due to the hum of traffic but the buzzing of the many bees that seem to be populating our garden.

A honey bee on our runner bean flowers

We have also noticed that the bumblebees bizarrely like sunbathing on our french bean leaves. They seem to use them as a resting place to recoup before getting back to work on pollenating more flowers (especially our squash flowers please bumblebees!)

But not only are we seeing more bees than ever, much to our delight we have also noticed an abundance of butterflies. For the first time we have seen a Gatekeeper in our garden:

And every day, at around 3pm, a Comma settles on our conifers:

We have spotted a Ringlet:

And because we have no brassicas, we are even happy to let the many Cabbage Whites roam around our vegetable patch.

And this year there is also another source of noise in the garden, that does nothing to help pollenate our runner beans.


  1. He is such a cutie!

    And I am very jealous of all your butterflies.

  2. Lovely photos Harbill. I don't expect much activity in your garden today!! Good to see all those bumble bees - and Ferdy enjoying it all! xx

  3. Thank you Barbara! And Fay, it's thanks to your camera lens that we are getting those lovely close-ups!