Friday, 27 September 2013

Harbill and the Giant Squash

After two disappointing years, we have finally had a summer that has been kind to our squash. In fact, by mid-August it looked like we were growing nothing but squash:

At one point, even the wild flowers were in danger of suffocation by squash

We haven't picked them yet, as we are waiting for them to harden off before the first frost, but we are looking forward to a winter of squash content.

Our Boston Winter Squash (see back of photo) is actually bigger than Ferdy.


  1. We have just ate one of Marnie's 2012 squash's, they keep really well!
    Love your hedgehog photo. We have a visitor who switches on the security lights in our garden and eats the food that we put out for passing cats (or hedgehogs!)
    Love Bar.

  2. Hi Harbill, we had one of your squash; it was as delicious as it looks on the photo. Porgane!

  3. Beautiful pictures here on your blog! Will come back!!!