Monday, 6 June 2011

NEWSFLASH: Crime Pumpkinelle

Over the last few days, we have noticed that a couple of our favourite plants are either dying or are dead.

Remember the beautiful harlequin squash in the last entry? Well here it is

Other casualties include one of our Atlantic Pumpkins whose stem has been broken

And everyday, the plot thickens when our foxglove looses some of its flowers

Photographic evidence from the crime scene

We have conducted several interviews with our garden fox, a gang of slugs and family of pigeons. We think we have, however, identified our prime suspect, who also has a very long record of previous convictions.


  1. oh dear! I shouldn't laugh but I can't help it! That must be so distressing for you but the charm of that culprit's face probably wins the day.

  2. I think you are right....and I'm not sure that rehabilitation will work...
    We have a very similar looking visiting miscreant called just Le Chat who belongs to neighbours. He causedquite a stir amongst my little grand children when he jumped up into the tree above their sandpit and (as reported by the three year old witness) "it did catch the bird, kill it and then it did eat it".

  3. One of the drawbacks of sharing your life with a furry friend!!
    But the pleasures and the comfort they bring far outway these minor setbacks!
    Our neighbour's cat brought us a bunny for Easter - how sweet is that!

  4. Send the little blighter on Fruit and Flower Awareness Course. Once on one of those ytou never want to revisit the tedium

  5. Hmmm. I've been reading a bit about offender rehabilitation programs recently but I'm afraid that some criminals are beyond hope. I fear you have one here...

  6. Some people think that leaving bits of hose-pipe around makes them think it is a snake and that will make them go somewhere else. Bet it doesn't work