Monday, 13 June 2011

King Harbill and the Knights of the Raised Bed

Thanks for your suggestions regarding what we should do about our miscreant cat. We have come to the conclusion that the best way to tackle this problem is with crime prevention. This also applies to the dastardly deeds of various other garden criminals working alongside Muffin the Murderer to slowly destroy our beautiful garden.

We have therefore spent the last week recruiting our team of special garden agents and are proud to introduce:

Sergent Toad - Slug Division 
 The slugs stand no chance against his bionic tongue and if Muffin decides she wants toads legs for supper, his poisonous skin will give her a nasty shock. Toad sleeps in the wild flower section and patrols the veg bed at night.

WPC Ladybird Larvae - Aphid Prevention Squad
 With her insatiable appetite, no aphids will ever get away and if they do, her parents Lord and Ladybird will soon dispatch of them. She is most at home on the broad bean plants and amongst the roses.

Detective Inspector Max
Retired cop Max guards the borders of the garden and one well aimed bark is all it takes to send Muffin cowering back into the house and once again, peace is restored in Harbill's Garden.

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  1. DI Max looks capable of sorting anything or anyone out!!