Wednesday, 1 June 2011

FEATURE: Our Blogsciples

We have been checking our statistics and are very excited to announce that our blog seems to have gone global... We have viewers from the US, Singapore, Croatia, India and even Mexico! Although it may just be one of our friends travelling for work and not having much else to do in their hotel room in the evening. We also couldn't help but notice that our viewing figures seem to be diminishing day by day, surely our garden isn't boring you?! Therefore this blog is devoted to our Followers (Blogsciples).

Firstly, thanks to Barbara for her correct identification of the Oxeye daisy - it has now come out:

Here's another one we are a bit baffled by. This was planted as a bulb and sprouted earlier than the Crocuses and has now formed this head which looks like it is about to flower but we still have no idea what it is (we threw the packet away without looking at it). Can you help?

And we would also like to feature a lovely garden from one of our loyal Blogsciples, Martin. Who says you have to have a garden to have a garden? We would like to think that this blog was his inspiration, perhaps Martin may like to start his own gardening blog?

In an attempt to get more comments, we present the picture below. Some of you may recognise the protagonist who is currently rather obsessed with his new hedge trimmer. Any caption ideas welcome.. prize will be (don't get too excited)..: the picture plus best caption featured as our 'Picture of the Week'.


  1. "Boys and their toys"

    I recognise your new mystery plant but can't think of the name!! Maybe it will come to me later.

    Don't forget your blogsciple in France as well.

  2. "should I have brought the snorkel as well?"

  3. I have started my own blog.....a small balcony garden in London. Please tell your friends (and cat!) so that we can discuss plants etc. The link is

  4. Could your mystery plant be an allium? More photos when in flower.
    Lovedmartin's balcony garden.

  5. We've now worked out how to reply to the posts (it only took a month - don't use Firefox to post comments). We hope it's an allium! Will let you know.