Wednesday, 4 May 2011

NEWS: After the last frost

Well, most of our veg has survived what we hope is the last frost so the blog can continue. First let's introduce the garden (inserted is the har half of harbill's arty shot of the garden taken from the upstairs window):

We have a raised veg bed split into four. Starting from the back left we have already planted:
jerusalem artichokes (Fuseau)
beetroot (Detroit 2)
carrots (Purple Haze, Atlas, Autumn King)
lettuce (mixed leaves)
broad beans (Witkiem Manita)
spring onions (White Lisbon)
2 of each variety of courgette, in the back cold frame (Rugosa Friulana, Romanesco and Firenze F1)
kohlrabi (Purple Delicacy)
borlotti beans (Lingua di Fuoco 2)
runner beans (white lady)
edemame green soya beans (Elena)

In the front bed we have:
garlic (Blanco)
lettuce (Lolla Rosa and Little Gem)
broad beans (Aguadulce)

Still to come out from the cold frames and upstairs in our south facing spare room/seedling nursery are: various squashes (turks turban, harlequin, spaghetti, acorn, marnia di chioggia),
cucumber (Bohemia F1) plus second and third batches of a number of veg already out.
Can you spot our kitten Muffin, desperate to get outside???

Now for the problems:
- Some of the spaghetti squash (planted far too early by an excited Harbill at the beginning of March) are flowering but with female flowers only. We have no males to fertilise them.

Look at the runner beans and courgettes after last night's frost, despite a fleece covering and a straw bedding:
Dead runner bean
Damaged courgette
But let's end today's blog on a few success stories:
Our borlotti beans, planted too early, fought off the frost bravely and are standing proud.
And the spaghetti squash, despite its stubborn production of females only, survived its coldest night so far.

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