Monday, 16 May 2011

NEWS: Love Your Lawn Week

Last week, according to Joanna Lumley, was national "Love Your Lawn" week.

On Saturday, Harbill decided to commemorate this event by digging up more of what remains of their lawn and adding another raised bed.

You won't be surprised to hear, this bed has already been earmarked for some of the remaining 27 squash and courgette plants that have not yet been planted out.

Meanwhile, in the neighbouring bed, see how neat our lettuces are...
From top: radishes, garlic, little gem lettuce, and two rows of lolla rossa lettuce
We have noticed that the lolla rossa on the left are not as red as those on the right, this seems to be due to the cloche covering those on the left which has recently been bravely removed. We will report back which are tastier.

 The curcabit flowering saga continues... We now have flowers on our F1 Bohemia cucumber but it produces female only flowers. So does this mean that the flowers need help fertilising or not? Much internet-based research has been done and we have decided not, but we won't be able to keep the seeds. Any comments/suggestions gratefully received.
 And what could be better way to conclude a busy weekend in the garden than with a (very) large slice of Schwarzwaldkuchen?
Black Forest Gateau - made as a contribution to a Eurovision party


  1. I'm really loving these blogs, especially about the extremely mischievous Muffin, but I'd love to see Harbill at work. I was wondering if they secretly employ professional gardeners (the garden seems to be very professionally handled!) and then take photos. Even a picture of Harbill sitting on the Muffin chair would be fun!! (if a little painful for poor Muffin)

  2. Hopefully they would move Muffin first.

  3. I like the cake. MMMMmmmmm gateau

  4. Loving your blog. Kate x

  5. It's looking goood!! .....especially the cake........