Sunday, 22 May 2011

NEWSFLASH: First flowers appear in wild flower garden

Harbill have no idea what this flower is. Any suggestions gratefully received
Or this
We have not yet introduced our wild flower garden to our faithful blog followers. This is because for a while now, despite all efforts to create a small meadow, this area has resembled nothing more than a weedy patch of mud... until today. Today, two of the weeds FLOWERED!!!!!!!! A plethora of packets of wild flower seeds have been scattered across this area and it seems that they are finally coming good. The exciting bit is that we don't know what any of the flowers are.

As if this wasn't enough excitement for us, we now have a new bay tree:
And a new blueberry tree, the picture shows where the blueberries will appear. We may even get enough to put on one day's breakfast cereal (if the birds don't get to them first)..
Ignoring Monty Don's advice this week on Gardeners' World (which we watch every Friday evening without fail) not to risk planting out squash plants yet, we have planted out our squash plants. In fact, only a few remain hardening off in the cold frames. So, we now have 12 courgette plants, 3 harlequin squash, 2 turks turban, 3 spaghetti squash, 2 proper acorn squash, 2 acorn hybrids (more about this soon) and one atlantic pumpkin.
The intention is that they will climb up the trellis
But we are saving our most fascinating news for last: we are now the proud owners of a new cloche. Made by yours truly.
Please don't tell too many people or we will be inundated with orders


  1. To see this wondrous garden live was a very special treat, the meal to follow was equally splendid.


  2. Surely chickens must follow?

  3. I think the 2nd plant is a variety of the primula family.
    The first one looks like it might be a member of the daisy family - perhaps ox eye daisy if smooth and hairless or blue fleabane if hairy?
    Although we have several guides, the plants, birds, butterflies etc. we spot never seem to quite match anything. I recommend choosing your own names and saying it with great authority!!

  4. We absolutely love your pictures. Not sure about that cloche though! You'll put us out of business! Hope you are still enjoying the (only slightly swankier) Kitchen Garden Cloche we've just spotted in one of your other pics?!