Tuesday, 24 May 2011

FEATURE: The Fruits of Our Labour

Yes, we know you must all be asking yourselves, 'but how are the squash actually doing?' Well this entry is devoted to the swelling squash fruit, (very) slowly developing in our rather shady garden. Every morning at the crack of dawn (9am) Har (of Harbill) rushes outside, pastry brush in hand, desperate to catch any opening squash flowers.

So far, we have one sexy spaghetti squash...
Sporting a Jedwood haircut
... a delightful looking harlequin squash..

.. and what is currently known as our 'prize winning courgette' (it is one inch long).

And we have a mutant squash. Last year, we collected the seeds from one of our acorn squashes and saved them. These seeds have been planted and the plants are currently by far the most prolific in producing fruit. Yet the fruit do not look like anything we have ever seen on a squash before. We suspect that the female acorn squash was pollinated by the male from a moonbeam squash that we also grew last year. Therefore:
..may perhaps equal:

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